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  • PocketInsanity  v.20060514PocketInsanity is a project to provide ports of existing Open Source projects to the PocketPC ARM Platform. Examples are FreeSCI (Sierra Games VM), UAE (Amiga Emulator), Wolfenstein 3D and XRick. More are following as the project ...
  • Rho-Bot for Half-Life  v.20Rho-Bot is a computer-generated opponent for the Sierra/Valve game Half-Life. Developed and managed by Jonathan ...
  • Sarien  v.1.0Sarien is a portable implementation of the Sierra On-Line Adventure Game Interpreter (AGI), and is able to run games such as Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards and Space Quest I and ...
  • XBaK  v.0.1.5xBaK is a fan-made remake of the classic Sierra computer RPG "Betrayal at Krondor" running on linux, using the original data ...
  • The Classic Scriptures  v.1From the author of the 5-Star book entitled "An Interview with a Saint" (NOT about Catholics, Mormons, or a sports-team in Louisiana,) and The Sierra Bible Software comes an opportunity to read, study, & search the classic books of The ...
  • Outpost 3 : Forsaken World  v.1.0Outpost 3: Forsaken World is an Open Source Software, fan created sequel to Dynamix/Sierra's Outpost 2: Divided Destiny. It will use a full 3D Engine, and will have new colonies, weapons, vehicles, as well as an original storyline.
  • Jones 2005  v.1.0Jones 2005 is an modern adaptation/re-creation of Sierra On-Line's classic game "Jones in the Fast Lane".
  • FreeJones  v.1.0FreeJones is a play-a-like of the once so famous game "Jones in the fast lane", developed and released by Sierra for DOS in 1991. FreeJones aims to give you the feel of the original game while adding many new features.
  • Zen Adventures  v.1.0A development team who make point+click adventure games in the style of Lucasarts and Sierra games, using freeware and open-source versions of Lucasarts' SCUMM and Sierra's SCI and AGI.
  • MacFreeSCI  v.1.0Mac OS X launcher/wrapper over FreeSCI, the portable interpreter for games written for the Sierra On-Line's SCI system, located at
  • Beasts Deluxe  v.1.0Beasts "deluxe edition" is an sci fi / horror adventure point 'n' click game. ( Like the Sierra's and LucasArts' ones in the beginning of the 90s ).
  • Helvin Space Trip  v.1.0"Helvin Space Trip" is a click and play graphical adventure game similar to the classical Sierra Monkey Island style games.It is coded entirely in python.
  • Mr. Jones  v.1.0Mr. Jones will be a role-playing game which intends to recreate the spirit and feel of Sierra's classic "Jones in the fast lane", with some possible new features, such as a multiplayer mode and a cartoon-like style.
  • Space Quest 6.5: Aliens Stole My Plunger  v.1.0A fan-game based on the storyline of the Space Quest series from Sierra.
  • Life in a Bottle  v.1.0Life in a Bottle is a simulation/board game based on Sierra's 'Jones in the Fast Lane'. The game simulates life choices people make in careers and education. It is designed to be extensible with new locations, educational achievements and ...
  • Tobi  v.1.0TOBI stands for Tobi's Object Building and Interaction. It is a game along the lines of Sierra's classic The Incredible Machine.
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